Beyond Cowboys and Indians

We are delighted to report that attendance figures for the Monday talks on ‘Beyond Cowboys and Indians: The American West in Film, Television and History’ exceeded our expectations (and sent us scrounging for additional seating in the afternoon!).

While audience members were waiting for the talks to begin, we invited them to map where they thought the American West was located and also to jot down any words or images that they associated with the American West. The results were fascinating (and we will post them all on our Facebook page:, but here is a small sample:

The talk, presented by the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library’s two UEA  American Scholars, Elizabeth Rawitsch and Beth Southard, covered the shifting images and interpretations of the American West over the past century in history, politics, and popular culture. Highlights included a deconstruction of Western myths, photographs of multiple American presidents in cowboy hats, and a clip from Blazing Saddles.

We extend our sincere thanks to everyone who attended — and especially to everyone who participated in the lively discussions on the subject of why the West continues to endure.

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