October at the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library

It’s October, and we have a busy month of events ahead of us here at the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library:

 Women in World War Two

4th October, 2.30–4.00pm

Come and join us for an afternoon of reminiscence—including films from the Memorial Library’s collection featuring Land Army Girls, GI Brides, the Women’s Army Corps and the American Red Cross. And you may have memories of your own to share!

Banned Books 2011: Down the River with Huckleberry Finn

10th October, 6.00–7.00pm

Come and join the Reading Across the Pond book group and Dr. BJ Epstein from UEA’s School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing in a discussion about Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Inventing a Southern Self: Reading Letters, Telling Stories and Writing History

18th October, 6:30–7:30pm

The second lecture in our American Life and Culture lecture series is a talk by Dr. Rebecca Fraser, School of American Studies, UEA. In September 1853 Sarah Hicks Williams, born and raised in New York State, honeymooned in Montreal following her wedding to Benjamin F. Williams, a physician and slaveholder in Greene County, North Carolina. The letters she sent back home to her mother and father in New Hartford from Clifton Grove, her husband’s plantation, revel the complexities and confusions of Sarah’s search for a southern self conforming to particular gender ideals of southern ladyhood and the expectations that came with the role of plantation mistress. This paper is not so much about Sarah’s life-story but the processes of writing history through reading letters, the means through which we understand and articulate a person’s life story through the letters that they wrote and whether just “telling their story” can and should be regarded as “history”.

Admission is free to all the above events, but space is limited, so please contact the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library by phone at 01603 774747 or by email at 2admemorial.lib@norfolk.gov.uk to reserve a seat.

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