2nd Air Division Archive Catalogue

Curious about what kind of material is held in our archive at The Norfolk Record Office? You can find the entries for the following items by searching our new catalogue:

Photograph of Jimmy Stewart pictured leaning against railings at Old Buckenham airbase, 453rd Bomb Group (Catalogue Ref: MC 376/108, USF PH 5/1). James Maitland ‘Jimmy’ Stewart (1908-1997) was an American film and stage actor. He served as Operations Officer to the 703rd Squadron, 445th Bomb Group (Tibenham) and then as Group Operations Officer to the 453rd Bomb Group (Old Buckenham).


Ground crew of the 389th Bomb Group maintaining a B-24 aeroplane at Hethel airbase (Catalogue Ref: MC 371/910).  For every man in the air there were approximately another three on the ground engaged in support activities including armourers, cooks, clerks, mechanics, medics and military police.


Photograph of GI Joe Majors and Jean Young leaving church after their wedding ceremony and cutting their wedding cake (Catalogue Ref: MC 371/814).


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