A(nother) Norman Rockwell Christmas

norman_rockwell-christmas_homecoming-1948b-968x1024Around this time last year, a group of men and women visited the Library hoping to find a classic Norman Rockwell illustration they’d been casually discussing: “Gossip.” Once we tracked it down on the shelves, we all gathered around it and had a big chuckle. It’s pretty terrific. you haven’t browsed through the work of the prolific Norman Rockwell, his body of work is an alternately poignant and hilarious tour of American life, particularly in the WWII era. We have several large, colourful volumes of Rockwell’s work in our collection.

Rockwell’s paintings have a tendency to perfectly articulate big and little moments in life that may otherwise remain unnoticed and unappreciated. And those faces! (By the way, if you’ve ever wondered about the world of the Rockwell model, see this 2010 New York Times article.). Among his prolific body of work are numerous terrific Christmas images that deserve to be revisited each year….


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