Q: What are “marrididdles”?

A: “Homemade clayeys”.

Q: What are “clayeys”?

Why, they are “small marbles of clay”, of course! They are “never used as shooters but rather as target or object marbles”. Perhaps most importantly, they are “held in low esteem”.

Q: What is all this nonsense about?

Our librarians recently discovered a 1973 book, long discarded from the collection, entitled The Great American Marble Book. Any sports aficionado with a penchant for retro photographs will enjoy a leaf through this one. Or anyone curious about “sissy” ways of shooting, or obscure sports gender divides (from the page titled, “Commies”: “Girls never played this game, at least not in Pittsburgh”.)

The Second Air Division Memorial Library is a charitable organisation partly funded by private donations. The daily operations of our library depend greatly on the generosity of our patrons, near and far. With this in mind, we thought we’d offer this little relic of a book as a gesture of gratitude to the highest bidder. Let the games begin! How to Donate

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