“The Friendly GI Invasion”

We were recently contacted by Mr. Steve Glason of Diss, Norfolk. He has written a poem in honour of the upcoming anniversary of the Friendly Invasion, the phenomenon for which this Memorial Library was built. We thank him for sharing it with us!


(GREAT BRITAIN 1942-2012)

The sounds of “Moonlight Serenade”
Haunting basses — never fade
They conjure up Glenn Miller Band
(Backing vocals close at hand).
To those from Arkansas and Maine
Ageing ladies still retain
A girlish flutter — wistful tears
Through a veil of passing years.
Mutterings from Tommies clear
“Popular and Over Here”
Filmstar appeal — a Favourite Chum
“Can you spare me chewing gum?”
Christmastime — so generous/kind
Local children — wonders find
Aladdin’s Cave of Hershey Food
Everybody — Party Mood.
And in the clouds — a bloody fray
Mounting losses by the day
Madingley — they are at rest
We salute THE VERY BEST.

© Steve Glason, 26 April 2012

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