Our UEA American Scholar’s Top Five Highlights of the Past Two Years

The 2nd Air Division Memorial Library’s social media is updated by our two UEA American Scholars. Today is Elizabeth’s last day with us. Here, in reverse order, are the top five things that she will miss (in her own words):

5. Jimmy Stewart. Classical Hollywood cinema is what brought me to Norwich, and it’s been a delight to stare at Mr. Stewart’s distinguished face (on our mural) all day.

4. Book displays. I’ve had a lot of fun with a pair of scissors and the multi-coloured paper from our supply cabinet. From mini blue oxen to Halloween pumpkins to replicas of the Empire State Building, I’ve enjoyed coming up with ways to highlight the diversity of the Memorial Library’s book collection.

3. The Reading Across the Pond book group. They are such a dedicated group of readers, most of whom have just finished their fourth year with us. They were incredibly patient with my tendency to (accidentally!) pick epic novels of 400 pages or more. (Last Night in Twisted River was a bit self-indulgent, but I still love John Irving!)

2. The Lecture Series in American Life and Culture. It’s something that I’m proud to have been involved in starting, and I think we’ve showcased an interesting range of topics. (Look out for the schedule for 2012 soon!) All of our speakers have been wonderful, but Olly Gruner was a true rock star, playing several American folk songs live on guitar and harmonica and drawing a full house in the process.

1. Our Social Media. Maybe that’s cheesy, but when I started we were getting an average of five page views a day (and I’m fairly sure I was two or three of them). But our page views have quintupled in the last year alone! It’s nice to know that we’re not just blogging into the void. So thank you all for reading and commenting and interacting with us. You’ve made my day on more than one occasion.

Our blog is in the capable hands of our other UEA American Scholar (Kate) for the rest of the summer. She will be joined by our new UEA American Scholar (Chad) in the autumn.

Elizabeth’s goodbye to the Memorial Library: James Stewart and paper crafts

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