An Exciting Enquiry: Following Up

A while back, we were contacted by a gentleman who’d picked up a copy of ‘Official Guide to Army Air Forces’ published in 1944 and belonging to a Lt. M.N. Panosian. There were several other notations in the book which indicated the man was likely stationed at Tibenham and was part of the 702nd squadron with the 445th bomb group. There were also two other gentlemen listed: Lt. Marvin Gasster and Lt. Frawigs Farmer.

Unfortunately there was no other information regarding Panosian’s enlistment, and a lot of extra information which had us running in circles for a while. We started our search by looking at the roll of honor available on our website. None of the three men were listed there so we then turned to other resources. The first was (which is available to anyone at the Library), we found several promising leads but without a date of birth or hometown we were not able to clearly locate any of the individuals. Next we tried the National Archives and Records Administration, which has some searchable military records and at last: success! We were able to identity all three of the individuals and found they all enlisted within 2 months of each other in 1942.

After this we turned back to the unit histories for the 445th. Scanning through the periodicals we found that Panosian (the owner of the book) was a navigator for a B-24. Gasster was a pilot and Farmer a co-pilot. It seems likely they were sent to Tibenham in late 1944 and one of the dates in the book indicates that Panosian at least was still in England when the war ended in May 1945….

A blog reader contacted us via that post, introducing himself as Samuel Gasster, the son of the pilot in the original story. Samuel then very generously sent us an image of the plane associated with the story, “Marvin’s Madhouse”, as well as a crew photo bearing all those involved, including (of course) his father.

Many thanks to Samuel for helping us to “illustrate” the story!

In crew photo: 1 – Lt. Marvin Gasster, Pilot, 2 – Lt. Frank Framer, Co-Pilot, 3 – Flt. Officer Robert Leonard, Bombardier, 4 – Lt. Manual Panosion, Navigator, 5 – Richard Ramp, Upper Turret Gunner, 6 – Edward Gifft, Nose Turret Gunner, 7 – Ted Manville, Ball Turret Gunner, 8 – Glen Sabowin, Radio Operator, 9 – William Gillett, Tail Turret Gunner, 10 – Samuel B. Sampson, Engineer

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