O, Say Can You (Tennes)see!

We are occasionally visited by individuals seeking work experience in libraries….and we love it! Our recent visitor, Carrie-Anne Elsden, was particularly interested in our travel books section, and wrote a great endorsement for the collection. Read on! …

From politics and history, to movies and fiction, the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library at the N&N Millennium Library is home to a fascinating array of all things American. As I explored shelves filled with numerous items of fancy, one collection seized my attention in particular: American Travel. It has everything a would-be traveller might need for a trip of a lifetime: city guides and state histories, local knowledge and Disney World. A vast section for a very vast destination.

As for me, I’ve been plotting a voyage to the centre of jazz, New Orleans, Louisiana. No problem. A city guide book tells me all I need to know and do to experience the best of the swinging-est town in the South. The best drinks, the best bars, where to stay and a very long list of exciting things to do and see. It tells me all about the city’s exotic past and how it has coped with the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Katrina.

The travel section is a treasure chest of fantastic information and handy hints, and it really is a must see for anyone planning a voyage to America!

Carrie-Anne Elsden

… Thank you, Carrie-Anne! It was lovely having you with us, and we wish you many exciting and well-informed travels!

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