Impressions by Ludwig Lund

Technical Sergeant Ludwig Lund was born on 20 September 1908 in Odense, Demark. In 1920, when Ludwig was 12 years old, his Danish family emigrated to the United States. From an early age, Ludwig showed a talent for drawing and was largely a self-taught artist. During the Second World War, he served in the Intelligence Division, where he illustrated maps as part of his work. While stationed in England, Lund was made the official illustrator of the 2nd Air Division and was commissioned to paint a series of watercolours of the Division’s daily activities, both in and around Norwich and further afield (and in the air).

A series of 23 paintings by Sergeant Lund were given by James P. Hodges III, the grandson of General James P. Hodges, to the Second Air Division Association who, in turn, presented them to the Memorial Trust upon the occasion of the opening and dedication of the new Memorial Library on the 7th November 2001. The paintings, which are currently displayed in our Meeting Room, are facsimiles of the originals contained in a bound volume presented to General Hodges by his staff in December 1943.

Today, visitors to the Memorial Library are very welcome to view the paintings during opening hours! If you are unable to visit the Memorial Library, you can view a digital gallery of Sergeant Lund’s paintings here.


The Cathedral Spire



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