Hitting the (American) Road!

Just in time for the season of summer escapes, we’re rounding up great fictional and non-fictional road trips that remind us of all the reasons to hit the American Road! From Route 66 to the Pacific Coast Highway, roads are a quintessential American motif, bringing to mind images of expansion, novelty and adventure. Roads, highways, railroads and trails run through some of America’s greatest fiction, history and landscapes.

Hit the Road

In the land of fiction you have heroes and villains hitting the pavement to flee their past or reach their future, reunite with loved ones, enact revenge or simply stay alive!

Looking to history we have the story of the underground railroad, the expeditions of Lewis and Clark, the roads to the Alamo and of course, the formation of NASCAR.

Finally, an ode to the road would not be complete without a collection of some of the best roads to hit in America. From hiking, to walking, to RV-ing, our stock will detail some of the best road trips in America! So come on over and Hit the (American)  Road!

Be sure to check our online catalog for the full collection or stop by the Memorial Library where you can find all these books and more on display ready for you to take home or on the road!



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