Learning More about Native Americans

From historical accounts to fiction, the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library offer a wide range of books on Native Americans. Below are a few titles we hold in our Native American collection.

The Last Days of the Sioux Nation by Robert M Utley

Sioux Nation

This fascinating account tells what the Sioux were like when they first came to their reservation and how their reaction to the new system eventually led to the last confrontation between the Army and the Sioux at the Battle of Wounded Knee Creek.

Native American History for Kids by Karen Bush Gibson

This book captures the early history of the complex societies of Native Americans and their 500-year struggle to survive against all odds from war, displacement, broken treaties, and boarding schools. Native American History for Kids also includes profiles of famous Native Americans and their many contributions, from early leaders to superstar athlete Jim Thorpe, dancer Maria Tallchief, astronaut John Herrington, author Sherman Alexie, actor Wes Studi, and more. This book also includes hands-on activities, such as planting a Three Sisters garden (corn, squash, and beans), making beef jerky in a low-temperature oven, weaving a basket out of folded newspaper strips, deciphering a World War II Navajo Code Talker message, and playing Ball-and-Triangle, a game popular with Penobscot children.

American Indian History edited by Camilla Townsend

This Reader from the Uncovering the Past series provides a comprehensive introduction to American Indian history. Over 60 primary documents allow the voices of Natives Americans to illuminate the American past. It includes samples of native languages just above the full translations of particular texts and provides comprehensive introductions and head notes, as well as images, an extensive bibliography, and suggestions for further research.

The Comanches a History 1706 – 1875 by Thomas W Kavanagh

A historical encyclopedia of Comanche diplomacy, soundly researched and solidly documented, this book includes painstaking analysis and comparisons of the sources of interest to students of southwestern as well as Comanche history. This is the first in-depth historical study of Comanche social and political groups using the ethno-historical method. Thomas W. Kavanagh traces the changes and continuities in Comanche politics from their earliest interactions with Europeans to their settlement on a reservation in present-day Oklahoma.

The Ordeal of the Long House: The Peoples of the Iroquois League in the Era of European Colonization by Daniel K Richter

This book offers insight into the Iroquois history during the early colonial period. This is a telling of European colonization from the perspective of the Indian side of the frontier.

Edward S. Curtis: The Women by Christopher Cardozo

The Women contains portraits of Native Americans by Edward S. Curtis, made at the dawn of the 20th century, which have become among the most avidly collected, published, and sought-after emblems of early encounters with American Indian life.

Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich


This novel is set on and around a North Dakota reservation, telling the story of the Lamartines and the Kashpaws – two extraordinary families whose fates are united and sustained in a harsh world by the strength and diversity of their love.

There are many more books to chose from if you are interested in learning more about the Native American history in North America or reading fiction by Native American authors so come along and see our collection.

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