A Visit from the family of James J. Weiner, of the 458th Bomb Group

We were fortunate to have a few family members of James J. Weiner (of the 458th Bomb Group) pay us a visit in the Memorial Library a few weeks back. They were kind enough to share a few of their father’s personal photographs, taken during his time here in England, when he was stationed at Horsham St. Faith near Norwich. These photos are an invaluable resource as they provide a striking visual record of Norfolk and Norwich during the war.


In this photo you can see some familiar Norwich sights, including the castle and marketplace, as well as some local boys in town.


James J. Weiner served as a radio operator during the war.


Here you can see the woman and daughter on the farm where the radio shack was located. The man is unknown but is potentially the farmer who owned the land. The names of the family have not been recorded, so if you have any idea who any of the individuals in this photograph might be do let us know!


Here is another shot of the unknown man, the daughter from the farm where the radio shack was located, and a RAF officer.


James J. Weiner posing with the farmer’s daughter and unidentified man. Again, if you recognize any of the individuals in these photos or have information to share do let us know in the comments, or by sending us an email (available in the ‘Contact’ section of this blog).


A local policeman or ‘bobby,’ in uniform and hat.


RAF officers.


James J. Weiner and companion in front of the ‘Four Winds.’


James J. Weiner by a pillar–perhaps in London?


With this shot you can see the plane nose art quite clearly: ‘Here I Go Again’!


Another view of the Norwich market.


Here you can see James J. Weiner in front of the 458th’s radio shack.


An unidentified friend looking out the window–family members thought he might have been nicknamed ‘Red,’ last name Zeller.

Again, many thanks to the family members who were generous enough to share these!

You can read more about the 458th bomb group here, or in the book Liberators over Norwich by Ron Mackay, Mike Bailey and Dorin Scorza, currently available in the Norfolk library catalog.



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