Faces of Cambridge

Faces of Cambridge

Cambridge American Cemetery have launched a fantastic initiative to feature as many portraits as possible of those buried or inscribed on the Wall of the Missing for Memorial Day 2017. The pictures will be displayed at each headstone and on the wall. And the team based at Madingley are hoping that you can help them.

ABMC staff carry out a great deal of research into the servicemen, women and civilians who are commemorated at the Cambridge American Cemetery. They are endeavouring to put a face to each name. However, such investigations take a long time and so they are asking for help to complete the picture.

To support this wonderful project the ABMC are asking anyone who has photographs of someone who is buried there, or who has their name inscribed on the Wall of the Missing,  to share with them electronic versions of any images they hold. They would also appreciate the following information with any images you send them, because there are people with similar names:

  •  Full name
  •  Date of Death
  •  Short biopic (if you have time)
  •  Image – best resolution possible

This as an ongoing project and certainly not one that will be finished by 2017. Your help can make Faces of Cambridge happen.

Please send any images and information to harrisons@abmc.gov . And to find out more about the Cambridge American Cemetery please visit their website.

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