Short thoughts on America during a recent visit to Seething Airfield

By Danielle Prostrollo

This past week Don and I had the chance to visit the very chilly, overcast WWII-era USAAF airfield at Seething.  Our tour guide Pat, well-versed in all areas of the base from the inner workings of the B24 to childhood games of dare played around the base, took us around the control tower filled with reminders of the Greatest Generation.  In an election season that has not brought out the best of my country, it is more than relieving to hear reminiscent stories of positivity and fondness toward the American people.  When Seething was a bustling airfield things were, in a way, simpler.  The goal was well-defined and, overwhelmingly, we worked together.

While the news pulls us in every direction, my hope for America on this Election Day is that whilst standing in line at your polling location you give up a chair to a weary laborer, let the harried mother-of-three ahead of you, or simply smile at the polling volunteers who carry a very important task on their shoulders.  None of us have all of the answers but we are all American.

In the forthcoming days, pictures and details of our trip to Seething will be published in a joint post by Don and myself. 

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