Sports and more

By Don Allen

I love sports. I can watch almost any sport and find it interesting. During the 2006 Winter Olympics I became fascinated by, of all things, curling. You know, that sport with the long, thin ice rink, weighted stones, a target and……….well, a broom? Completely riveted by it for a solid two days. Couldn’t stop watching it. And still watch it when the Winter Olympics come around again. Here’s a picture:



My two favorite sports in the entire world however are baseball and football. And, while I probably need not explain it, as an American, to me “football” means American football, so that’s how I’ll use it.




Football season just ended with, happily for me, my team, the New England Patriots, winning Super Bowl LI (that’s 51 in Roman numerals) in dramatic fashion. The GOAT (that’s an acronym for Greatest of All Time), Quarterback Tom Brady, threw for 466 yards (a Super Bowl record) to lead the team to an epic, come-from behind overtime victory. Brady also set the records for most Super Bowl victories as a starting QB with 5, most Super Bowl Most Valuable Player awards with 4, and most passing touchdowns in the Super Bowl in a career with 15. The Patriots have won all 5 of their Super Bowls with the duo of Brady and Head Coach Bill Belichick (another record for a QB/HC duo), putting us only one behind the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have 6. It was awesome!



As for baseball, my team is the Boston Red Sox, who have had a pretty decent run themselves in recent years, though it wasn’t always the case. The Sox won 5 of the first 15 World Series held between 1903 and 1918, including that first Series in 1903 (with the other 4 victories coming in 1912, 1915, 1916, and 1918). Then we had a bit of a drought. Just a tiny one. I mean, what’s a measly……..eight and a half decades between championships. 86 years passed until, in 2004, we won our next Series. But even that is only the third longest drought in Major League Baseball history, behind the Chicago White Sox (87 years, from 1917 to 2005) and last season’s champs the Chicago Cubs (106 years, 1908 to 2016). Since then we’ve won two more (2007 and 2013) and have been regular post-season contenders. Go Sox!



So why am I writing about this? A) Because I love sports, especially those two, and enjoy writing about it. And B) because I wanted to highlight interesting areas that the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library has available to everyone who is interested in America. While we are of course dedicated to World War II and the men and women of the Mighty Eighth, we are not solely about the war. We encompass nearly every aspect of American society and culture. Interested in religion in America? We got that. Want a gripping true-crime book? Bam! We got books from American cooking to knitting, music and photography, Native American history to the Iraq War, and even travel guides to help you plan your trips. And yes, if you’d like to learn more about American sports, say, I don’t know, football and baseball, we got you covered. So stop by. Pick up a book. Talk to an honest to goodness real life American (either myself or Danielle). We’ll be glad to see ya.








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