In The Library: Bomb Group Newsletters

by Don Allen


We here at the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library are in part tasked with helping to memorialize the brave men and women who served in the American armed forces here in Norfolk during World War II. One of the ways in which we do this is to subscribe to as many Bomb Group Newsletters as possible. Over the years, unfortunately but not surprisingly, many of these Newsletters have ceased publication. However, we do still have a selection of Newsletters that continue to be published, and we have many backcopies of older Newsletters as well. A full list of our current Newsletter availability will be provided at the bottom of this article.

I enjoy reading these Newsletters as to me they are a continuing link to the events of World War II and to Norfolk specifically. In them you can find articles on recent visits by veterans to their old bases, for example Jack Weyler’s return to Rackheath in the 467th BG Newsletter POOP From Group (which, by the way, is a GREAT name); information about upcoming events, for example the 2017 reunion for the 93rd BG in New Orleans in Sept/October of this year in Ball of Fire Quarterly Express; and memorials for those who have recently passed, such as Jim Goar in the 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association News. I encourage anyone with an interest in World War II and Norfolk to come in and take a look at these Newsletters.


Bomb Group Newsletters kept at the Enguiry Desk:

Ball of Fire Quarterly Express (93rd BG) 

392 Bomb Group Memorial Assocation News

Beachbell Echo (446th BG)

Station 146 Tower Association, Seething Airfield (448th BG)

Attlebridge Notes (466th BG)

POOP from Group (467th BG)

FOTE (Friends of the Eighth) News

Heritage Herald

Bomb Group/Aviation Periodicals on display in the library:

8th Air Force News

Ex-POW Journal

Friends Journal


No longer/sporadically produced, but back copies are available:

2nd Air Division Association Journal

2nd Air Division Headquarters Newsletter

8 Ball Tails (44th BG)

389th Bomb Group Newsletter

453rd Bomb Group Association Newsletter

489th Bomb Group Newsletter

491st Bomb Group Newsletter

492nd Bomb Group Newsletter

B-17 Flying Fortress Assocation “Splendor in the Skies”


Bomber Legends

Duxford News

Juggernaut News

The Kassel Mission Chronicles Newsletter

Keystone Tail Winds

Mighty Eight Heritage


3rd SAD Watton

Toretta Flyer


Yankee News



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