In The Library: Children’s Collection

by Don Allen

While the vast majority of the books and materials that the Second Air Division Memorial Library has is focused towards a more grown-up audience, it may come as a surprise to learn that we also have a small collection of books for children. The American Storytime Collection contains many stories that I grew up with.

American folk-heroes like the massive woodsman Paul Bunyan and his big blue-ox Babe.



The tornado-wrangling cowboy Pecos Bill.



And a personal favorite of mine, the legendary steel-driving man John Henry.


(These three folk heroes also happen to be the stars in one of my favorite movies, “Tall Tale”, with Patrick Swayze).


American history is represented as well, with books on Abraham Lincoln.



Teddy Roosevelt.



And Bessie Coleman.



So the next time you come in, bring your kids with you and ask us to get out the American Storytime Collection for your young one to peruse. With other books including going to the moon, poetry, Johnny Appleseed and the 50 States, I bet they find something they’ll enjoy!


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