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A Visit From Veterans of the 466th Bomb Group at Attlebridge

On Saturday 26th May, the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library was visited by friends of the 466th Bomb Group at Attlebridge. Among the group were three distinguished veterans: Bill Campbell, Earl Wassom, and Melvin Demmin. They were accompanied by over a dozen members of the 2nd Air Division family, including the children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews of the men and women who served in World War II. There were also several local residents who remembered the war from their childhood, including one woman who had worked on the base at the age of 14, pressing and ironing airmen’s uniforms.

By happy coincidence, there was a display of American automobiles outside the Forum, including two military jeeps. The jeeps were staffed by World War II enthusiasts dressed in USAAF uniforms. When word spread that there was a group of visiting American veterans, they made their way inside the Memorial Library to say hello, and they wound up staying for over an hour, posing for photographs, interacting with our visitors, and giving repeated thanks for their service.

We heard some wonderful stories, drank a lot of tea, and made new friendships. Here are a few photos from the morning:

We have copies of Earl Wassom’s book Attlebridge Arsenal: The Men and Aircraft of the 466th Bomb Group on our shelves. We also have a copy of Replacement Crew: The Training and Combat Experience of a Typical Eighth Air Force Replacement Crew in 1944: 466th Bomb Group by Richard C. Baynes, the father of one of our visitors.

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