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East Anglian Film Archive: USAAF Videos

East Anglian Film Archive clipDid you know that the East Anglian Film Archive (EAFA) recently digitized its collection? The archive is home to several videos related to the United States Army Air Force in East Anglia during World War II, and you can link to them below.

USAAF Honington (Cat no. 805). Scenes showing the activities and many of the aircraft at USAAF Honington, repair and supply depot, towards the end of World War II

Raydon Airfield (Cat no. 933). Footage of the activities on USAAF airbase at Raydon, filmed by a fighter pilot stationed on the base during World War II.

USAAF Airfield (Cat no. 1009). An amateur film showing aeroplanes and personnel at the USAAF airfield at Hardwick, Norfolk in 1943.

USAAF Rackheath (Cat no. 1042). Amateur record, filmed by a serviceman, of the USAAF airfield located near Norwich during World War II.

Captain Rowsell’s Norwich (Cat no. 1292). An American airman films wartime Norwich in colour.

USAAF Combat Film (Cat no. 1339). Scenes of USAAF aeroplanes in action.

About Anglia: The New Norwich City Public Library (Cat no. 128900). Anglia Television report on the last minute preparations being made before the new Central Library opens in Norwich (including the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library).

Anglia News: Nostalgic Pilgrimage with Veterans of the USAAF 2nd Air Division, including Actor James Stewart (Cat no. 139135). Anglia Television news report from Duxford of actor James Stewart and the United States Army Air Force Veterans of World War Two.

100th Bomb Group (edited) (Cat no. 226537). A collection of films shot by members of the 100th Bomb Group in World War II.

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