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Harriet Martineau…and Kate Middleton?

Do you see a resemblance?

Everyone knows about Kate Middleton, but few know of her great-great aunt, Harriet Martineau. Well, why should we know about her?

It just so happens that Martineau was a fascinating, highly accomplished pioneer of many progressive causes…..

“She visited America and became outspoken against slavery, influencing the abolitionist cause in the US. She wrote radical polemics arguing for the primacy of scientific evidence to be used for a better society, which influenced Charles Darwin and also helped to found the study of sociology. She became the first female journalist in the world and wrote more than 2000 articles for the Daily News, particularly using her American contacts. She is an underestimated radical figure in British history having spent her life campaigning and writing about many modern aspects of life that have come to be the norm such as women’s rights and racial equality.” –EDP

Norwich Arts Centre director Stuart Hobday is giving a free talk called “Harriet Martineau: Norwich Radical in America 1834-5” at 6.30pm on September 18 at the Millennium Library in the Forum, Norwich. The talk will look at the 19th century author’s journey around America and analyse her influential writing.

For more information call 01603 774740. Maybe Kate will come!

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