Wymondham College Heritage Trail

On Thursday 8th December, four staff members from the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library made an excursion to the Wymondham College Heritage Trail. The Wymondham College site provides a “Walk Through History” including Roman, Saxon, Medieval, Victorian, and Wartime links. We were particularly interested in the site’s history as a military hospital to support the US 8th Army Air Force. One Nissen hut from World War II still survives on the site… It’s now the college chapel!

Signs throughout the trail provide interesting information, and just about every board has mentions the College’s history in World War II. We were particularly interested to learn that during a time when racial segregation was still rife in the American Armed Services, the Morley hospital was one of the few US military hospitals in Britain that was not segregated and where patients received treatment based on the severity of their wounds not the color of their skin.

During term time all visitors taking the Heritage Trail must be accommpanied by a member of staff. (This is for the safety of their students.) Accompanied tours take place on Wednesdays at 2pm (weather permitting). To take the trail at other times please contact Reception in person, by telephone 01953 609000 or by emailing enquiries@wymondhamcollege.org and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Photograph (c) Wymondham College.

This photogaph shows Lt. Col. Bennett, Principal Melvyn Roffe, Mrs Anne Hoare and Mr Adrian Hoare.  Mr and Mrs Hoare were instrumental in  collating the material for the Heritage Boards.


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