In The Library: The Shrine Area

By Don Allen

The focal point of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library is The Shrine Area, designed to reflect the human cost of war. It is here where we remember and honor those who served and died. To the left of the Shrine stands the 2nd Air Division Flag. To the right stands the 8th Air Force Flag. In the back stands the American Flag, “Old Glory”.



The Shrine Area

Standing in the front of the Shrine is a map showing the locations of every Bomb Group in the 2nd Air Division.


Map of 2nd Air Division Bases

Inside the Shrine surrounding the visitor are the banners of the Bomb Groups. At bottom right on the right hand side is a banner commemorating the service of the Women’s Army Auxillary Corps (later Women’s Army Corp).


Notice the Bomb Group Banners along the back and sides. The ones at the back are the 492nd (top left), 93rd (bottom left), 446th (top right), and 448th (bottom right) Bomb Groups


On the back wall stands the dedication plaque. It reads:

“This room is a living memorial to those Americans of the Second Air Division, United States Eigth Air Force who flying from bases in these parts, lost their lives defending freedom 1942-1945. ‘They gave their tomorrow for our today'”.


Dedication Plaque

In pride of place sits the Roll of Honor, remembering all those of the 2nd Air Division who made the ultimate sacrifice. A page is turned each day that the Library is open. A copy is available at the desk for individual study, and a digital copy can be found online at the Library’s  website here.


Roll of Honor

To all of those who served, we thank you.

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